Predator Trail Gear
Recovery Strap

PTG Recovery Strap


Use a recovery strap to "snatch" or pull out a stuck vehicle. Synthetic rope absorbs the shock of heavy pulls, while the elastic rebound energy aids in quick recovery.  End loops are reinforced with abrasion resistant wear pads. Note: you should never use a recovery strap in a winching operation. For winching operations use a tree trunk protector strap or choker chain.

Synthetic Winch Lines

PTG Synthetic Winch Lines



Excellent rope designed for the budget-minded customer. High quality HPME rope includes stainless steel tube thimble, and abrasion sleeve


Soft Shackle

PTG Synthetic Soft Shackle


Soft shackles are a great replacement for steel D-rings as they are lightweight, can be stored in your toolbar and are easy to use.